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Your TV stopped  working.You paid lots of money for. It is less then 10 years old. How To Find a Reliable TV Repair
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When you call,
Please have ready TV's Make, Model# and description of problem.
After short consultation we will  set up appointment and send a tech out
to look things over. At that time, you'll get a report about your
TV's condition and firm price on everything that needs to be done.

                                Thank You, we always appreciate your business.
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SUMMARY  if total repair cost of your 3 years old $900 TV is $275, Repair Cost is Reasonable.
                 if total repair cost is $50 to $250 ,Repair Cost is Cheap.
                 If total repair cost is $300 to $450, Repair cost is Normal.
                 more then $450,Repair is Not Cost Effective.
Unit Cost To Watch TV (amount that you paid for TV divided number of years your TV worked)
Example:Your broken TV is 3 years old, you paid $900. It cost you $300 a year. UNIT COST IS $300.
Potential Cost To Watch TV (cost of New TV (same type, same quality) divided number of years your old TV worked)
Example:New TV will cost you TV+TAX+S/H+Installation $750. POTENTIAL COST IS $250.
Max Average Repair Cost (50% of amount that you paid for TV)
Reasonable TV Repair Cost ( the average of Unit and Potential cost)
Example: Half of $900. MAX AVERAGE REPAIR COST IS $450.
Belmont TV Repair Is Your neighborhood  reliable service center that will surpass your expectations 
                           when it comes to quality of repair and repair cost.
How to Calculate Reasonable Repair Cost for your TV
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What To Look For, To find a Reliable TV Repair Place
1. TV Repair Center must be Licensed. That is the LAW.
    For IN-HOME Repairs technician that visits to your house must be Licensed.  
2. Background, Electronic Systems Technician (EST) training and up.
3. Good Reputation, Top Ratings on review sites, More than 5 years of history.
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